November 10, 2017

Campaign for Jasmine Tease

On 13th August 2017, I helped my friend Theria to do a photoshoot for her accesories shop called “Jasmine Tease”. The photoshoot was taken on AXIOO Studio and the photographer was Ci fen “fensoong”. I was so excited finally got a chance to meet and work with her, because I always amazed with her worked and I couldn’t wait to see the results!

The set of photoshoot was so cute and fun even it took almost a day but I enjoyed it so much. My favorite shoot was with the pink backdrop, rabbit chair and wearing a PINK WIG makes it even cuter and not to forget to mention the jewelleries was so cute too. See for yourself down below and if you want to order just go check my friend account on Instagram @jasmine_tease.





CherryDreamy 🍒




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