January 03, 2018

Welcome 2018

Happy new year to you all! Wishing you all a year full of happy days!!!

How’s your new year guys? As for me, my husband and I were preparing new year dinner with hub’s family and enjoy hub’s homemade steak at home.

While waiting our countdown we watched movie together and enjoy our wine. Meanwhile, I and Lea (hub’s brother wife) were busy playing fireworks at the backyard. And thats how we spend our new year eve!

Anyway, last year was amazing! Got a chance to meet new great friends, great experience and journey! Not to forget to mention, hubby finally fulfilled my request! Bought me a house! Will be busy doing all the renovation and stuffs this year. I’m so grateful for everything! THANK YOU 2017 for the great memories! Now I am ready for my new chapter on this new year. Surprise me :)


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